LIDL. Success Based on Consistency

Docura is Lidl’s partner in Estonia and Europe

The Lidl retail chain is one of the largest discount retailer chains in Europe. Lidl operates in 32 countries around the world, with approximately 12,000 stores and 200 logistics centres. Lidl’s operating principle is good quality products at competitive prices. Lidl explains that its success lies in consistency. To ensure efficient communication with suppliers  Lidl uses the electronic data exchange (EDI). Docura is Lidl’s partner in Estonia, the Baltics and Europe. Our partnership helps you grow together and save costs at the same time. Read more about how we do it below.

EDI with Lidl 

Suppliers have several options in terms of receiving electronic orders from Lidl and sending invoices to Lidl, e.g. the Self-EDI Portal. However, the solution is only suitable for those suppliers who have a small number of orders, as it involves manual data entry to and from the portal. 

On the other hand, the fully automated transfer of documents from the supplier’s ERP system to that of Lidl helps avoid entering manual data into different applications. This makes it possible to significantly speed up the document exchange, to avoid input errors, to save time and money and to make the cooperation with Lidl much smoother. Docura offers a turnkey solution for an automated document exchange with Lidl.

Docura’s EDI 

The electronic document exchange between suppliers and Lidl works as follows: 

  1. Receiving the order for goods delivery. The retailer issues an order in his ERP system. Docura converts it into the corresponding format and forwards it to the supplier. The order is then automatically imported into the ERP system of the supplier (ORDER document type).
  2. Sending of the waybill. The supplier issues a waybill in his ERP system and sends it to the retailer as a notification of the despatched goods. Docura converts the waybill into the required format and forwards it into the retailer’s ERP (DESADV document type). 
  3. Invoice issuing. The supplier issues the invoice for the delivered goods in his ERP system. Docura converts it into the necessary format and forwards it to the retailer. The invoice is then automatically transferred to the retailer’s ERP system (INVOICE document type).    

EDI with Lidl implies the use of SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) to attribute each shipment unit a unique identifier. Docura’s EDI solution takes into account the use of SSCC codes.

The EDI with Lidl solution from Docura works similarly in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and in other EU countries. Docura helps you save time with automation and offers the best price/quality ratio in document exchange. How to organize the most effective e-document exchange with Lidl stores, ask Docura specialists (