E-invoicing in Estonia: sending an invoice

  • Activate the sending of e-invoices in your financial software. Configuration is done by the customer. On the customer card, you select e-invoice as the method of data exchange.
  • In the business register, you can check whether your partner accepts e-invoices or not, using the partner’s registry code.
  • Sign an agreement with Docura OÜ (e-invoice operator). The operator activates the document exchange.
  • If you use the e-billing services of the Registers and Information Systems Center and want to switch to the Docura e-invoicing service, you must terminate the e-billing agreement.
  • Otherwise, e-invoices will flow both through the e-biller channel and the Docura channel. Proceed as follows: go to, Settings -> Agreement information -> I am ending the agreement.
  • Create an invoice as usual in your financial software and send it to your buyer as an e-invoice.

E-invoicing in Estonia: invoice receipt

  • Activate the acceptance of e-invoices in your financial software.
  • Confirm the choice of your e-invoice operator in the Business Register. This way, your partners will know that you can accept e-invoices.
  • The business register will send you a letter informing you that your company card “accepts e-invoices”. Please confirm by clicking on the link provided in the notification letter.
  • Notify your partners that you want to receive e-invoices from them.
  • Receive your first e-invoice. Receive it directly into your financial software.