Changing the EDI provider – easier than one might think

Although electronic document interchange (EDI) in commerce is an unnoticeable part of business, it is worth reviewing the corresponding costs from time to time, as the cost savings can be significant over the years. Changing the EDI operator is easier and cheaper than one might imagine – it can be done within a day. 

Two stages, a matter of minutes

In order to change an EDI operator, one needs to go through two stages:

     1. Connecting the accounting system to the operator.
     2. Connecting buyers to the operator’s channel. 

Depending on the accounting system, it may take a few minutes to connect. Connecting buyers to an operator’s channel, however, is almost always a standard procedure and takes minimal time per buyer/chain. 

Docura OÜ действует на рынке 9 лет и  предлагает полный спектр EDI услуг – 360 градусов (покупка, продажа, безбумажная логистика

Docura aims at being a user-friendly and reliable partner who does as much preliminary work as possible to make the process of switching a mere formality for the user of the EDI service so that the service could be initiated on the same day.

Two options for connecting an accounting system

There are two ways of establishing an EDI connection:

  1. If your accounting system is in our network (check, kindly ask them to activate the Docura EDI module.
  2. If not, send us the contact of your software manager, and we will cooperate with them to activate the EDI module ourselves.

Some accounting system operators charge a one-time fee for connection; in case of others, the connection can be established for free. Our activation process is free of charge.

Connecting buyer(s) to the EDI operator channel

In order to connect buyers, one needs to send an e-mail to the buyer/chain with the request to start using the new operator’s channel as of a certain date.

The buyer/chain makes the necessary amendments in their system (provided the connection with the buyer has already been established by the EDI operator). If necessary, the EDI operator can establish a connection with the buyer. Once we have performed data exchange tests and the parties have made sure the service is working, the process is complete. You can switch other partners gradually, 2-3 partners per week. The complete process of switching to a new EDI operator takes up to 2 months. If your partner is not yet working with Docura, you should ask him to install the EDI module. In most cases, the issue is resolved positively within a few weeks.

Docura’s services have no monthly fees, and the pricing is based on document traffic and is flexible – therefore the user of the EDI service benefits already from the first channel switch to Docura’s services. Should you have any requests or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to connect buyers, one needs to send an e-mail to the buyer/chain with the request to start using the new operator’s channel as of a certain date.

Docura OÜ has been operating for 9 years, it offers 360-degree EDI services (purchase, sale, paperless logistics, product data management, banking, and e-com), and handles over 1,000,000 documents per month.