Electronic document exchange with Kaup24.ee

Do you sell your goods on e-shop Kaup24.ee* or on HobbyHall.fi? Perhaps on Pigu.lt or on 220.lv? ERPLY Back Office users can now receive electronic orders from these marketplaces directly in their ERPLY software and confirm the orders in their software system. 

This will help save time on the processing of incoming documents and speed up the transfer of information between trading partners. The electronic document exchange is provided by the EDI operator Docura OÜ. 

How does it work 

  • The e-shop compiles an order and sends it directly from its system. 
  • The EDI operator receives the order, transforms the format of order and forwards it to the supplier’s software system. 
  • The supplier receives the order directly in ERPLY.
  • The supplier confirms the order directly in ERPLY.
  • The supplier can compile an e- invoice based on the order and send it to the buyer directly from his ERPLY system. 

How to activate e-document exchange
An activation implies that commercial contracts have been signed with the corresponding e-shop.

  • If you are not a user of Docura EDI, send us a subscription request.
  • Based on the manual, set up the corresponding settings in ERPLY.
  • You will receive a test order in to ERPLY. Send a test order confirmation form ERPLY.
  • The e-document exchange has been activated; you can start to exchange documents with your partners.
  • Should you have technical questions, please turn to Docura 24/7 support.


For ERPLY software users:

  • The price for one document is 0.30€ (up to 300 documents per month).
  • No monthly subscription fees.

If you are using a different software system (not ERPLY BO), please send the support a request describing your EDI requirements. 

*PHH Group’ brands are following: kaup24.ee, HobbyHall.fi, pigu.lt, 220.lv and Hansapost.