EDI module in ERPLY

The ERPLY users can now easily start using a high-quality electronic document interchange tool – Docu-EDI. You can send electronic orders, order confirmations, despatch and receiving advices, invoices to your partners or receive it from your partners directly in your ERPLY software.

This enables ERPLY users to save precious time and achieve cost savings. One no longer needs to enter data from paper or PDF documents, to e-mail documents or to upload files.

The EDI module allows to exchange e-documents with all the companies being part of the Docura EDI network or covered by the roaming partner’s network. In Estonia retail chains Maxima, Prisma, Selver, and Rimi exchange documents in 4doc format. Other retail chains (e.g. COOP, Realiseerimiskeskus, A1M etc.) exchange documents in 2doc format.

EDI module is suitable for both the seller and the buyer. Standard types of electronic documents are:

  • order (ORDER)
  • despatch advice (DESADV)
  • receiving advice (RECADV)
  • invoice (INVOICE)

You can start exchanging the standard types of documents within 3 days. Should your business processes be more complex and require additional types of EDI documents, please contact Docura Support (info@docura.ee).


  • The Docu-EDI module activation is free of charge (only standard documents included).
  • There is no monthly subscription fee.
  • Traffic – in accordance with the number of documents sent and received.

How to start using the service

  1. Contact Docura and sign an agreement for the electronic data interchange service.
  2. Using the guidelines, in ERPLY set on your customer’s card the type of e-documents (EDI settings – >EDI type) and select Docura as the EDI channel (Data exchange channels – > Docu-EDI ).
  3. Inform your trade partner about new data exchange channel. Since the EDI channel of each partner is displayed in ERPLY separately, you can simultaneously use the services of several EDI providers similarly to using several SIM cards for one mobile phone.

Over 50 companies operate as Docura EDI network partners in Estonia. Moreover, the roaming service of Docura’s partners can also be used. The trade partners outside the EDI network receive a technical instruction from Docura for minor settings to provide for the possibility of using EDI.

Why Docu-EDI

  1. Competitive prices and transparent pricing policy. You only pay for the physical number of documents sent and received.
  2. Docura and ERPLY cooperation provides clients with higher quality services and enables to constantly further develop the ERP system.
  3. Docu-EDI module activation is free of charge.
  4. Improved monitoring: you can be certain that an e-document has been delivered to your partner. In case of a data transmission error, you receive a corresponding message.
  5. EDI from Docura enable to cover a wide range of the clients’ business needs. The integrated EDI services, such as EDI onboarding, Paperless logistics or Docu-Bank, can well be used in a combined to ensure the general automation of the back-office work.

If there are still some questions how to start with EDI, please send them to info@docura.ee.