solution will remove all need for double-entry and paper-based processes, freeing up staff to focus on more value-added activities such as customer service.

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What are the benefits of PaperlessLogistics?

Delivery Process Management

Manage the online delivery of goods, track the location of transport and delivery status.

Electronic delivery confirmation and signature Sign-on-Glass

Get the time and date of delivery, as well as the graphic signature of the client in your ERP. Replace paper invoices with digital ones.

Electronic archive

There is no need to save and process paper documents confirming the delivery of goods. Documents are stored in the electronic archive for 7 years, available at any time.

Returned packaging and product returns

Keep records of returned packaging and product returns.


How does PaperlessLogistics work?

Shipment of goods The sender of the goods sends a digital invoice with the list of goods to the recipient and to the transport mobile application POD. Delivery process In the POD application, a route is selected and a shipping task is issued. Delivery of goods to the customer and confirmation of receipt The recipient of the goods puts a graphic signature in the POD, thereby confirming the delivery. POD allows you to fix the returned packaging and claims, as well as a photo fact of the delivery. The sender receives in his ERP status and time of delivery, as well as a link that, when clicked, opens the image of the corresponding invoice with the graphic signature of the recipient of the goods. Signed certificates of delivery of goods are stored in the digital archive and are available through the link in the sender's 24/7 ERP.

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We suggest that you refuse paper proof of delivery of goods: instead, you may receive electronic delivery confirmation with a graphic signature on your smartphone and save them in a digital archive for 7 years.

PaperlessLogistics implementation

Process stepTime consumptionDescription
Understanding the business process25%
  • Interviews with managers to map business process
  • Defining strategic goal of implementation
  • Implementation plan
Process diagram5%
  • Confirming the process diagramm
Integration with ERP40%
  • Development and testing of data export/import
Users training20%
  • Creating accounts for drivers, handing out phones, installing the app
  • Users training
LIVE version10%
  • Final check of the system operation
  • Corrections