PIM solution, Software-as-a-service.

Allows you to create and manage catalogues, product attributes, assortment and data publishing process through various promotion channels. MW is suitable for companies of any industry, of any size, working with a large amount of product data.

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What are the functions of MasterWay?

A unified presentation of data

MasterWay allows you to collect data from a variety of disparate sources within a single centralized application.


Provides version control and publishing rule management. Allows you to quickly and safely transfer only the information that each specific sales channel needs.

Flexible data model

Allows you to process text, multimedia, statistical attributes, classify and assign the structure to the data on products.


Language support makes it easy to manage the process of localizing information about products in different markets.


How does MasterWay work?

Data collection All data on goods in various formats are collected from various sources into a single centralized application. MasterWay allows you to integrate any client’s software and there is no need to change it. Enrichment of information Supplement data with detailed descriptions, specifications, images, customer reviews, instructions, videos and other data. Control of completeness and reliability of data, elimination of duplicates. Data publication Choose from a single data repository only those that each specific participant in the sales network needs for each sales channel.

What types of data does MasterWay work with?

Technical data

specifications, detailed descriptions, composition, volume, weight, storage conditions ...

User data

instructions, warranty, terms of use ...

Emotional data

customer reviews, extended description...

Media data

pictures, photos, video, PDF...

Who needs MasterWay?

eCommerce Managers

High-quality and timely product information improves customer service across all sales channels and reduces returns.


Allows marketing teams to reduce the number of routine operations and focus on creating high-quality content in accordance with the expectations of consumers.

Sales Managers

Due to effective communication with consumers at points of sale, through the social networks and in e-commerce, the application promotes sales growth, reduces the time to launch a new product to the market, reduces the number of returns and increases the number of conversions.

Data Governance teams

Manageability of product data and control over users, data synchronization with other systems and applications are improved. Version control and publishing rule management.

Using MasterWay in different industries


They work with a variety of suppliers who provide a variety of information about products in various formats. Often, companies in this sector sell their goods using different distribution channels, such as retail outlets, online stores, through the marketplaces.


Manufacturers transmit extended information about their products to retail and wholesale sales channels. They are also interested in direct communication with the end user.


They work with a variety of suppliers and customers, take into account all the requirements of suppliers and customers’ preferences when processing information about products, bring the collected data into a single format.

We offer

We suggest you to automate the work with product information: to create and send product data Excel spreadsheets to Estonian retail chains, to connect your product data to online platforms and the online store.

MasterWay implementation

Process step Time consumption Description
Understanding the business process15%
  • interviews with managers to map business process
  • defining strategic goal of implementation
  • implementation plan
Demo version15%
  • Demo version for key users
  • interviews and interim results
  • software integration
  • additional development
Users training20%
  • end users training
  • software testing by users
LIVE version10%
  • testing
  • corrections