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is your one-stop product data management centre.

Do you work with hundreds or thousands of product names that have many characteristics in various formats? Do you have many suppliers and various distribution channels? Interested in how to quickly update information about products and distribute it through any channels of communication with consumers?

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is a solution for optimizing the delivery of goods, which allows you to replace paper documents with electronic ones.

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    As a result of the project implementation, the following results were achieved:
  • automatic acceptance of transportation orders from customer accounting systems
  • automatic delivery confirmations, with buyer´s signature
  • automatic transfer of delivery status information to partners
  • allows to enter and to forward the quantity of the package to be returned
  • electronic archive, paperless storage of information
  • As a result improving the process of logistics document flow, saving time on processing information, saving on the storage of paper delivery certificates, improving the quality of service for partners.
    As a result of the project implementation:
  • is created a single database of goods with all the necessary attributes of the goods, an automatic creation of Excel spreadsheets for all the retail chains in Estonia has been implemented: sending info about new products and promotional offers
  • automatic creation of a PDF product card
  • web store assortment management
  • managing product information on a web page
  • is used by employees of the logistics and marketing department
  • The result is a significant time savings for employees working with product data; is optimized the process of creating, editing and publishing information about products, is implemented the automatic management of a web store.
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