Payment reminder

Debt management is a very important process in every business life.

However, sending reminders to debtors is a routine and time-consuming process.

For example, in a company with more than 50 trading partners, an accountant can spend dozens of hours a month managing debt. These include: checking debts, sending letters with different types of reminders in different languages; providing debt information within own organization (for example, to sales department to adjust current sales volumes, and to the administration to make timely management decisions).

Debt information must also be accurate and provided to customers in real-time. Just like this, it will bring the maximum benefits to the business and speed up money turnover.

Docura offers you to automate the payment reminder messaging to debtors, as well as among the company employees. This solution applies to every business, regardless of the ERP used. The solution is an external extension of any ERP and does not need costly upgrades to your accounting system.

How it works

  • On the profile of each customer in ERP, an e-mail is allocated for messaging for overdue invoices;
  • data exchange platform sets up the report form and receives from ERP the list of debtors and the amount of debt;
  • With a given regularity, a report on debts from ERP goes to;
  • A summary of the debt report is sent every day to designated e-mails within the company, e.g. to the accountant and the director;
  • Payment reminders are automatically sent to customers when a pre-established condition is met (for example, if more than 5 days past due);
  • It is also possible to manage the messaging. The accountant can decide to whom to send reminders today, to whom not, or wish to view the messages sent.

The benefits of the solution

  • Save employees time by automating routine and repetitive operations;
  • The turnover will increase if the debtor is correctly and in time alerted;
  • In-house real-time information helps you manage sales volumes and due dates for payments;
  • This solution is independent of the ERP in use.

How to connect

  • Please let us know your interest at;
  • We will get in touch with you to clarify the technical details and enter into the contract;
  • Docura will set up the report forms, the receiving reports from your ERP, and the logic for payment reminder messages;
  • Test the payment reminder messaging and run live.

Combined with other solution

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